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  1. joachim delcomyn says:

    I saw your video on youtube about Boa Vista, me and my family have been visiting this beautiful island the last two years now, the last year we began to realise that the locals where suffering and the hotell took all the money. I was quiet sad when we left the last time since the “tourist industry” didn´t gain the local society att all. The sadest thing was when we visited santa monica beach, this tremendesly beautiful beach, where foreign capital intrests plan to invest and build a golf and country club resort. Whith this, the local society at Boa Vista, tends to be slaves in their own society and foreign capital take all the profit. I have thought a lot about this since we came home and I would be greatful if you have some ideas to share…Santa Monica beach at Boa vista is one of the top ten untouched beaches in the worls and should, according to me, be untouched.
    Best regards Joachim Delcomyn