Slovenia – Perfect place for a rest after a tough start

At the border Italy/Slovenia we tried to get a lift for more than 12 hours and this long waiting time was more than enough for the beginners-hitchhikers to understand that in Italy thumbing it’s already part of the past.  As hitchhikers for the first time in Europe it was tough to digest what at the time we considered a fail, but thanks to Domen, our host in Slovenia, the paradise was waiting for us.

Hitch-hiking for the first time in Europe

Hitch-hiking for the first time in Europe

Day before we were hitchhiking in two different spots and as time went on, the dark of the night invited us to spend a night on a gas station. For Johan, el periodista, the heavy thunderstorm wasn’t reason enough to have a sleepless night. For me, instead, the lightning, the cold and the strong wind were just tips that hitchhiking around the Balkans for more than a month would be a challenge for two young adventurers lost on their confidence, both travelling without maps nor tents or sleeping bags.

The next morning we tried again for many hours, only had a break for breakfast and lunch and afterwards we knew it could take more than one can handle. Two days waiting for beginners could allure the so popular “why not travel like others do – by public transport”.

Even though we were half in Italy – considered one of the worst countries in Europe to hitchhike, half in Slovenia – we could already experience the hospitality of the Balkans. The café where we had the lunch it’s owned by a wonderful lady who amazed by our perseverance offered us lunch which was a huge support for us to continue.

An example of the Slovenian hospitality

An example of the Slovenian hospitality

We took a bus to Kopor, and then to Ljubljana. From the capital we took a train to Burovnica where we arrived got around 9pm.
Here, in the heart of the Slovenian countryside, the contact with the nature was going to be the best way to recover energy.

This vast valley is a world apart; it gives one a sense of purity and freedom, which explain why I was so keen to come visit it for the second time.

Zabočevo - Borovnica, Slovenia

Zabočevo – Borovnica, Slovenia

The adventure continued at the outskirts of the capital where we unsuccessfully tried to hitchhike. We spent 4 hours at one spot recommended by locals. Disappointed, we went back to the city to seek for the way to succeed on the road. This day would be the last time we made this mistake, hence we knew that a hitchhiker should always move further and never give up.

Next day, next morning, another story, a huge earning to triumph over the difficulty, Zagreb would be the next city to host the traveller adventurer and Jo, el periodista.

Way to zagreb

Way to zagreb


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  1. L says:

    what a nice review! I loved it! Nelvino, staying in front of the church in this shape is considered to be a pure blasphemy. You should have not teased the priest in such a way, really.
    btw. did you mean Kopor or Koper?
    Great video, I am excited to watch the next one!

    • Nelvino Lima says:

      Hey Lili…thx for sparing yr precious time to comment on my article…actually meant Koper…beautiful little town by the seaside…
      Will keep u posted abt the video :)