Lisbon – gorgeous city you have been missing



Lisbon Cathedral

It seems that amongst travellers, backpackers, festival lovers and all those who are toing and froing around this vast world Portugal still a far country in Southern part of Europe hence the gorgeous capital, Lisboa, though is unearthing itself from the unknown, still the place for “next time”.

Praça do Comércio

Lisboa – Praça do Comércio

Many friends have been to Spain, when I talk to them I realise they never dared to visit that part of Europe that some might mistake as the Spanish backyard.
Especially in this period of crisis Portugal always come alongside Spain when the media highlight the corruption and the debt in the European Union.
However, when one digs in History, Portugal is unique. Each corner of its capital it’s a sort of magic and romantic place which link you to those who in 15th century became the first adventurous in Europe. The colours of present as well thrive on you a special sense of “I belong to this city” and each time you step on the artistic cobbled streets of Lisbon those black and white stones somehow guide you to a new place: to a new restaurant, where you can eat gorgeous and “cheap” traditional Portuguese food, to beautiful houses and castles carved in-between stairs like a private city. Those streets take you to tiptop museums and splendid architectural works and as well to a massive night out options around the town.


Abandoned Houses – Rio Tejo

Lisbon itself has a strategy to make you slave of its own beauty; it’s the eternal Saudade that blossoms on you whether you’re tourist or resident. The city itself is private, the contrary of crowded cities like Budapest, Paris or Prague which allows you to unearth new places.

LIsboa-Margem Sul

Contemplating Lisbon from the south bank of Tagus

I ended up at the south bank, way less popular, but undoubtedly is from there one can have a scenic view of Lisbon. In between graffiti-caked walls and charming abandoned houses, on a whim I stripped myself of “next time” to convince you that Lisbon is the capital you’ve been missing.
Next time you’re planning your holidays, be sure nothing cannot thwart your Lisbon trip. Happy travels.

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2 Responses

  1. cristina82t says:

    Portugal and its places are wonderful! art, nature, colours, food..everything is so nice but not many people go there.. I don’t know why.. we have to keep it up! :)