Nelvino The Traveller Adventurer


I grew up living somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean – one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but not perfect.
A boy pilot flying my siblings beyond the blue horizon of Boa Vista – Cape Verde to as many destinations as I could pronounce, in as many imaginary languages I could think of.

Short-nearsightedness nixed my chances of becoming a real pilot, but my dream to ‘Discover the Earth’ has grown with me. I’m an avid traveller sharing my adventures with all who are willing to discover what experiences 200+ countries across the world can offer.

I am a passionate blogger and voice-over artist and, through the world of words and media, I am keen to bring you on one of my journeys.

A dream which started in Cape Verde has seen me learn 6 languages and visit a number of locations from bases in Porto, Lisbon and London. I may be flown around by a pilot other than myself, but I get the opportunity to communicate and meet with millions of people, see amazing sights and capture my quests for the curious.

The opportunity to experience the lives of others, in other countries, always reveals new destinations that allow this boy pilot to travel a lot further than he ever dreamed.

Why you will stumble upon naked pictures on my articles/videos?
I seldom find travellers interested  in visiting places less touristy like Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria or Bosnia. Every time I showed my yearning to visit those countries, I often heard WHY THOSE PLACES?

In order to find the answer I needed to strip myself of my own prejudices, fears and stereotypes – yes, I do have them as well – and my clothes represent any misconception I have regarding a new place, hence I needed to lose them to be a real Traveller Adventurer and fully enjoy my journeys.
First I went to the Baltic and then I went  hitchhiking across The Balkans and today I know the answer – Why Not?

If your eyes still glancing at the Beauty of a naked man (I can assure you it’s not what I mean), somehow you will find the way to see Beyond the Beauty.
BTW, my first naked picture was taken in Iceland. where I felt a powerful need to flirt with the Nature.
Where next?Ukraine, Moldova?Why not?

We can hear more about my travels by listening to Wandsworth Wanderlust, a travel show I co-host every Friday from 10 to 11am (London) on