Berlin – home for polyglots and street artists


This episode of my podcast will take you on journey to Berlin “the multilingual capital” and the sanctuary of streets musicians in Europe.

Every year polyglots from all over the world, including Cape Verde Islands :) ,gather in Berlin to share their passion and some of them did travel the world to make their dream come true.
DSC_0038In order to be fluent in different languages, some of the folks fearlessly embarked on amazing journeys across the globe and they have priceless memories worth sharing.

                                           Berlin is also known as the music hub in Europe
Mauer Park is a sanctuary for those who stubbornly see street music as a sustainable art form. Artists from all over the world are based at the German capital, a city where folks show their respect for street art and where the cost of living is way lower than any other capital in Europe.


Alice Phoebe – South African musician


Mauer park – the sanctuary for street artists


Music fans at Mauer Park - Berlin

Music fans at Mauer Park – Berlin


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